“WIT PGH gave me a platform to share my story. Thanks to its reach, my journey got visibility and I was chosen to speak at the Google Women Techmakers Summit.”

– Neha Abraham, Software Engineer


WIT PGH is a community of women, womxn, non-binary folks, and allies championing for the diverse and intersectional experience in tech. We aim for tech equity and advocacy through digital literacy and autonomy.

As Pittsburgh evolves from the City of Steel to a city of technology, womxn remain highly underrepresented. In fact, studies show that womxn hold only 25% of the tech jobs in Pittsburgh – some would argue these numbers are even lower. When broken down further on a national level, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 5% of computing jobs are held by Asian womxn, 3% are held by Black womxn, and only 1% held by Latinx womxn. Moreover, Pittsburgh ranks very low on the best cities for womxn in tech to work and live. We are number 46th to be exact. 

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["women" vs. "womxn"]

The former is a spelling that encompasses not only CIS women, but queer* women, TransWomxn, gender non-binary, gender fluid, and female-identified individuals as well.

Why It Matters: Now more than ever, language matters. Not only does our technology need to be intersectional, but our technology organizations must also learn to speak the language of intersectionality.


*queer: An umbrella term used and reclaimed by some whose sexual orientations and/or gender identities fall outside of cisgender/straight norms. As a queer-led organization we are excited to be able to represent our personal intersectionality, and more importantly, the intersectionality and representation we strive to uplift.


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