[The Come Up: Course Series]

“The dismal findings show women, regardless of age, are more likely to occupy junior-level roles. It also shows that the seniority chasm widens with age, with women over 35 being 3.5 times more likely to occupy a junior position than a 5PPman. Shockingly, 20.4 percent continue to occupy junior roles, compared to just 5.9 percent of men in the same age bracket.”



The Come Up:

  • Many women in tech programs simply focus on the introductory skills
  • The Come Up targets newer, sought-after languages for programmers
  • It is a way for companies to encourage up-leveling in their own ranks

Women working together in programming helps:

  • To encourage open communication
  • Networking across companies that have been vetted by other women
  • Direct support to further upward movement in mid to senior level jobs.