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The goal of this panel is to connect our Golang Mini Academy Cohort as well as other women in tech to recruiters and hiring managers who can help guide them to maximizing their resumes and experience during the academy to Come Up the ladder in their careers. This is a professional development event where our guests will learn what companies are looking for and ways they can improve their resumes and portfolios. We want to reiterate the importance of specialized skills as a tool to elevate your salary and position in your company. We believe learning is a continual equalizer for underrepresented folks in tech and want to build a network that shares the resources necessary to develop a sustainable career in tech as well as equitable and innovative companies.

hacking barriers cohort presentations 4/29/2020 from 5pm to 7pm EST

At the end of April, our dedicated and hardworking cohort scholars will be graduating from WIT PGH’s Hacking Barriers To Entry program. Each scholar will have 10 minutes to introduce themselves, present their portfolio and discuss the next steps of their journey into Pittsburgh’s tech industry. If you can help make a connection or are seeking to expand your team we invite you to join us this evening to meet our amazing talented graduates.

Join us to learn:

  • What is the Golang programming language?
  • Why has it become a critical language that all developers should learn?
  • How can you accelerate your career and increase your pay by learning the Golang language?

The workshop will include starting points for putting together a quick portfolio project that focuses on user testing and discovery. Participants will leave the workshop with frameworks, resources, and tools that they can explore with users on their own projects.

This workshop will be led by, Kelly Hiser, who is Product Manager at Zoobean, a startup helping communities read more and read together. She’s also co-founder and the former CEO of Rabble, a startup that empowers libraries to support and sustain their local creative communities.

Negotiation. The word that we run from. NO FEAR, Jackie Mitchell will hold your hand. Most of us are clueless when it comes to negotiation. The secret is creating Win-Win Solutions, advocating on your own behalf and reframing your thinking. Jackie will run the cohort through a lesson on salary negotiation and run a quick practice to explore ways to prepare for the next chapter of their career and salary conversations with potential employers.

What: Detecting Deep Fakes Workshop & Talk

When: Thursday, January 28: 6pm-7pm EST

Who: Matt Groh, Research Assistant at MIT for Detect Deep Fakes

Why: Deepfakes have become a ubiquitous tool in misinformation campaigns across the world. Matt Groh of MIT’s Media Lab helps us take a deeper look at manipulated media to identify what is the real and the fake, and how ultimately, our brains’ natural processing ability might be the best weapon against AI gone wrong. 

This beginner class will pay homage to the Awakening Yoga Solar Practice, starting with a meditation focused on opening our hearts and setting intentions as we welcome in the New Year ahead. We will flow in a way that blends effort and ease, exploring space in the areas (neck, back, hips, wrists) most often overextended due to long periods of sitting, typing, or facing a computer screen.

cybersecurity workshop with the digital empress 12/3 6pm to 7pm EST

Cybersecurity CTFs and Adding New Experiences To Your Resume. Taught by The Digital Empress.

Decolonizing Tech Part 1 with Liana maneese, 11/12 from 6 pm to 7pm

History and Grounding: Why A Deep Historical Understanding Is Necessary For A Life Rooted In Our Purpose

Use YouTube to Grow Your Business
picture of 13 year old at podium. Our election security - how bad is it?
Making sure everyone has a seat at the table when it comes to developing the tech that disproportionately regulates our every day lives can’t be solved with mimosas and mixers. Although that sounds super fun and refreshing, WIT PGH aims for unprecedented change in PIttsburgh’s tech scene via equity and advocacy by creating events, resources, and workshops focused on digital literacy and autonomy. Come out and support the WIT PGH fundraiser and celebrate the launch of the nonprofit with hors de’vours, karaoke, raffle, a live coding performance and an algorave to end the night!